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Southeast Bulloch High School has its students’ success, both now and in their future, always in mind. Through a partnership with the State of Georgia Governor’s Office for Student Achievement, we have learned of new product called YouScience to help students find an educational and career direction that best fits their natural talents, interests, and economics.

We’d like to make YouScience accessible to our students, their family and friends. To help, YouScience has sponsored the Friends & Family Program allowing families to use and share a special discount code for 20 percent off the regular $29 price. In addition, for each purchase made via the program, YouScience will contribute $5 directly back to our school. Purchases for the program can be made directly on the YouScience website at To purchase via this special program and generate the
contribution credit to the school, simply use our discount code


We encourage you to share this program with others whose children may benefit from a discovery of their personal strengths, education path, and potentials.

YouScience Program Background:
The YouScience Profile uses a series of engaging exercises or ‘brain games’ to measure the 14 natural abilities or aptitudes most important to career choice. The results include a review of the student’s strengths, suggested careers that best fit their aptitudes and interests, and detailed information on over 500 careers including a personal fit analysis, job responsibilities, salaries, job forecasts, and educational pathways. The program is appropriate for all students age 15 and above. Whether a student is pursuing a technical certificate, two-year or four-year degree, YouScience can help them determine a path for success.
Please contact the counseling office or visit if you have any
additional questions.