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Attendance Questions: Contact Leah Carter, our school receptionist and attendance clerk at 912.842.8442 or by email.

Parent Excuse Notes

  • A parent or guardian is allowed to excuse 5 days per semester as a "Parent Note". 
    • Parents/guardians must submit a signed, written excuse for the absences or use the online Submit an Absence Excuse tool on the school website. 
    • In  order  for  any  absence  to  be  considered  as  excused, the  student  must  present a written excuse within five  school  days  after  returning  to school. 
Early Dismissal Requests:
  • Must be in handwritten format. 
  • Must include the student's name, time of release, parent's contact information and the parent's signature. 
  • If a student forgets to bring an early dismissal note to the attendance office in the morning, we will only accept a handwritten note in one of the following forms: 
    • Parent or guardian may drop off a handwritten note to the school for your child to leave;
    • Fax a handwritten note to 912.842.8468
    • Take a picture of a handwritten note with your cellular phone and email it to the attendance clerk
Certificate of Enrollment
  • A DDS form (backpack icon) for your student's Learner's Permit/Driver's License can be requested at  Please note, this must be requested at least 48 hours in advance.