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Pre-Kindergarten Program

"What I Want to Be When I Grow Up!"  

The Little Jackets learned about different community helpers and celebrated the end of their theme by dressing up as what they wanted to be when they grew up!  We took a walk around the school to find people with that job or things we would use for that job.  The  football players and cheerleaders found Coach Pete, along with some SEB Cheerleaders and football players.  The doctors and nurses found Nurse Sabrina in her office.  Ellie wanted to be a teacher so she took a picture with Dr. Mizell.  We had some PreK who wanted to be in the military so we went to the ROTC room.  Our fire fighter took a picture by the fire extinguisher and other emergency equipment in our school.  The Little Jacket police officers found Officer Newman and the bear and unicorns found our Drama Class of actors!  

The Little Jackets wore Gold on September 15 in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness.

"What I Want to Be When I Grow Up!" 

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Attention Upcoming PreK for 2021-2022

Please email Mrs. Stacey at for information on the upcoming year & check her website as well. 

Mrs. Stacey Cowart, Pre-K Teacher

Stacey Cowart

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Ms. Amy Mock

Amy Mock



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Congratulations !

Stacey Cowart

Mrs. Stacey Cowart, Bulloch County Pre-K Teacher of the Year!

Pre-K students during Pre-K Week